September 12, 2015

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Donation Campaign - Help us to keep HellasFrappe "interest" free!

As Editor of HellasFrappe I would like to kick off the new news year by thanking all of you for trusting HellasFrappe and for allowing us to enlighten you everyday with what is happening in Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans and the Eastern Med. Before taking some time off in August, HellasFrappe had made quite a bit of progress since I continued the dream that Mike and I built with the creation of this blog which in my opinion is a united and democratic news source.

Since his passing two years ago, I have continued this task and provided all of you with free, fast and relevant news and information directly to your desktop, mobile or tablet every single day. The only thing I have asked, once or twice a year, is that you consider making a donation to the blog. It should be reiterated that these funds are crucial for the blog's maintenance and development. In simple terms, the overall goal is to raise enough funds to keep the blog operating.

Unfortunately during the last funding campaign the blog did not receive any donations at all. Quite disappointing some would say, but I am still hopeful that there are Frappers out there that still believe in the blog's purpose.

I need not remind all of you that it is never pleasant for me to ask readers to contribute to the blog. Needless to say there is no other way that the blog can raise funds. We are not financed by any political parties, NGO's, or other organizations and this is why I hold a funding campaign twice a year. The first was held in the Spring with zero results. I am now holding the second one with the hope that I can save the blog. So please join me in this fight by keeping independent information alive and "interest" free. Support independent and alternative media by making a donation to HellasFrappe TODAY.

Please make a donation by simply clicking on the "Donate" button below..

Much love to all,
Marina Spanos

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